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fig September 20, 2008

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This hat looks like a fig.

Made it out of some leftover Cascade 220 wool, my friend gave me. I’ve never knitted with it before and I have to say, I love it! So I hope a babyboy will be born soon to wear this one (I think my friend Esther is having a boy in January, but even she doesn’t know, so it’s more a guess I think)


butterfly hat

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butterfly hat

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I love the butterfly stitch, so I decided to do another hat, with this type of stitch. I think it’s quite girlie.


jogless joints the 2nd

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jogless joints2

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I made this one, ordinary cotton again, because I wanted to practice the jogless joint a little more. It’s lovely. Can’t wait to see it on a baby’s head.


jogless joints

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jogless joints1

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This is the first of a serie of babyhats I made, just ordinary cotton, striped in the round, with a jogless joint. I made it for baby Fiene, but since I haven’t had a change to visit her yet it might be too small already… so I decided to make a few other ones.


Where’s my knittingmojo!? September 3, 2008

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A few days ago I lost my knittingmojo and I wanted it back, so I decided to cast on this no-brainer.
The pattern is superfun and supereasy. I casted on on sunday-evening, finished yesterday during my knittingnight. I love it! And it seems like autumn has begun already in Amsterdam, so I might need it soon.

The yarn is handspun and handdyed 100% merino by my friend Zwaalie. I love the way the colors turn into stripes of green. I think I have my mojo back. Sort of…