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The result… March 20, 2009

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of a dyeing experiment:

Handspun 2-ply white merino (thickythinny) dyes with onionskins. Goldenbrown with a touch of orange (that totally depends of how you look at it)



Sheep Onion Soup March 18, 2009

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I just popped my first skein of handspun merino (2-ply) in a bath of onionskinsoup. I am not sure if or how this will work out, but it’s fun to experiment a little.

And now just wait…


1.5 hours waiting:

1.5 hours


Time to Dye August 28, 2008

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Yesterday, me and my craftyfriends M. and C. had a dyeing-party at C.’s place. C. bought some natural dyes at Verfmolen De Kat at De Zaanse Schans a while ago and wanted to try them out.

We had beer, we had crackers, lovely brownies, and a LOT of yarn. Here’s a picture of the batch we dyed with Logwood and Alum. We started with the darkest skein (on the top, right side) and we were amazed about the color (Logwood in dry powder is a kind of red, not purple at all). So we used the dyeing-bath over and over again. M. popped in all the light skeins of yarn she had in her bag, even though she first said: “well, I’m just going to watch…”

We also dyed a batch with some chemical dyes (Ashford), but unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of that. C. made them, I hope she’ll mail them!

It was so much fun, we’re definitely doing it again.