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Raha Scarf March 16, 2009

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Made the Raha Scarf from the latest book from Nancy Bush Knitted Lace of Estonia for Hennie. It was a fun pattern to knit and I love how it came out after blocking.

The yarn is GGH Merino Soft, Color 94 from Penelope Craft




Born in the ’70s March 3, 2009

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Yes, another FO! I bought the yarn for this socks at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle on the 21st, started these socks for Pepijn on the 24th, finished them on the 1st of March.

I think it’s stripes and colors are a ’70s theme, so I kept singing this Ed Harcourt over and over while knitting.

They fit Pepijn very well. I didn’t use a pattern, just a figure8 toe and shortrow heels. 60 st. in the round on needles size 3.

Born in the '70s


Just a Lieve (leaf) hat December 17, 2008

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The cozy craftcorner was awesome. Thanks everybody who came. Hope to see you again next month (or before that?!)

At  thursday dec. 11 ‘08 Hinke showed me the leaf she made and I was absolutely in love with it.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have one on a hat”, I asked her.
On tuesdaymorning (read: yesterday) my daughter (her name is Lieve, pronounce as Leav-e) asked for a new hat, because the other one was too small. Tuesdaynight she had a new hat. With a leaf!

Well, it’s just a simple beanie, no particular pattern, knit in the round, with a darling leaf on top. Thanks to Hinke for the pattern (and inspiration)!

Just a Lieve Hat

Just Lieve with her Leaf Hat


fig September 20, 2008

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This hat looks like a fig.

Made it out of some leftover Cascade 220 wool, my friend gave me. I’ve never knitted with it before and I have to say, I love it! So I hope a babyboy will be born soon to wear this one (I think my friend Esther is having a boy in January, but even she doesn’t know, so it’s more a guess I think)


butterfly hat

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butterfly hat

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I love the butterfly stitch, so I decided to do another hat, with this type of stitch. I think it’s quite girlie.


jogless joints the 2nd

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jogless joints2

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I made this one, ordinary cotton again, because I wanted to practice the jogless joint a little more. It’s lovely. Can’t wait to see it on a baby’s head.


jogless joints

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jogless joints1

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This is the first of a serie of babyhats I made, just ordinary cotton, striped in the round, with a jogless joint. I made it for baby Fiene, but since I haven’t had a change to visit her yet it might be too small already… so I decided to make a few other ones.